Menu – Lunchtime Catering

Lunchtime Catering from $28 per person

Weekend Catering from $80 per person

(inc GST)

No sandwiches please

First let me confess…I don’t do sandwiches, cheese platters or fruit platters (OK, I’ll do a fruit platter at a pinch), but I can cater your corporate lunch with a plethora of different, interesting and delicious options.

Salad boxes

I assume by now you will have heard that Salads are the new Sandwiches. If not, believe me when I tell you that your group will be THRILLED to discover these at your next function, in place of dry focaccias and soggy egg sandwiches (although, I must admit I do love a fresh egg sanger!)

  • Salad Box with a trio of full flavour salads
  • Salad Box with a trio of full flavour salads PLUS a freshly baked, stuffed brioche
  • saladboxes


Cold platters

  • Scrolls (Ham & Cheese, Sundried Tomato & Cheese, Pesto & Cheese, Olive & Feta)
  • Baby Brioche stuffed with your favourite fillings including: Cream Cheese, Capers & Smoked Salmon, Cheese Tomato and Mayonnaise, Pear & Blue Cheese, Cheddar & Pickle…etc
  • Sushi & Inarizushi
  • Chicken Caesar Bites
  • Herbed Chicken Bites
  • Roast Veg Bites with Feta

Hot Platters

(If you have oven access)

  • Sausage Rolls or Mushroom Rolls (Vegan)
  • Lamb, Haloumi & Pinenut Filo Parcels with Pomegranate Molasses
  • Carrot, Caraway & Cheese Triangles
  • Arancini
  • Empanadas (Ricotta & Mushroom, Beef with Olives)

Warm option

I do a delicious range of tartlets which are great served warm or cold. You could serve some cold with a range of salads, perhaps?

  • Zesty Mint & Pea Feta Tartlets
  • Zucchini & Salami Tartlets
  • Smoked Salmon with Dill
  • Egg & Bacon

Mint and Pea Feta Tartlets


Zucchini & Salami

Hot Lunch

(If you have access to a power point or 2)

  • Cornbread topped Chilli Bowls with all the sides
  • Vegetarian Chilli Bowl with Organic Corn Chips and Sour Cream/Greek Yoghurt

Cornbread topped Chilli

Pulled Pork Rolls with Beetroot Slaw 


Pulled Pork Rolls


(These are fantastic served with scrolls…jus’sayin’)

  • Carrot & Parsnip (sounds boring, but it is just heaven!)
  • Minestrone
  • Pea &  Ham
  • Spicy Red Lentil

Yes, OK, I will do a fruit platter! Or some snazzy fruit skewers.