Smartie Cookies

Makes about a million cookies, so you might want to divide the recipe into thirds!
You will need a set of scales for this.
Beat until light and fluffy:
Butter – 230grams
Sugar – 495 grams
3 Eggs, continue beating until light and fluffy.

Add 250gr of Golden Syrup. Mix well.

Finally, add 1020gr of plain flour and 40gr of baking powder. I suppose you could sift it together…but that would go right against my near enough is good enough method!

Bake tablespoons full, rolled into balls (with smarties stuck into the top) at 180 degress for about 11mins.


2 thoughts on “Smartie Cookies

  1. You were right they did make a million 🙂 I decided to pre-preapre and let my daughter (who is just 2) help me decorate them with m&m’s. I foolishly let her eat one “m” and she then turned into an m&m eating monster, putting more in her mouth than on the biscuits. She does enjoy them though (well we all do really!). Thankyou!

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