Lunchbox Idea #3

Lunch Boxes

Confetti Scones

Technically I served these today with Barley and Vegetable Soup as a practise “after school snack” but they would be equally good in lunch boxes….probably buttered if not serving right out of the oven.


60gr butter into

2 Cups SR flour (try different types….mix it up!)


1 Cup grated cheese

1 Cup grated pumpkin (technically the recipe said carrot, but I had already used all my remaining carrots in practise brain food for lunch and the barley & veg soup)

1/2 cup milk (although I used about 1 cup today…in fact I used soy because it was open in the fridge…that’s just how I roll peeps)

1 tsp salt (I just ground a pinch of maldon in…so tasty, why include any other salt really!)

2tbs chopped parsley (straight out of the garden)

1 small onion finely chopped (you could also use spring onions or leek here…whatever you have laying around)

1 egg – beaten.

Mix everything today. Mixture should be a slightly sticky consistency. Put dessert spoons full onto lined baking tray.

Bake for 12-15 min at 220 degrees (yes, quite a hot oven)

The message on the original recipe (from my second Mother, Margaret Rose) says that they freeze well and make around 30.


Cake for my guinea pigs

Cake for my guinea pigs

You don’t often get a chance to bake a 100th birthday cake, so it has got to be something really special. Here is my attempt #1 – as suggested by my 5 year old. So grateful to have some eager guinea pigs to test it out for me! 3 weeks to go until the big day.